Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Bro to the rescue

While this happened a couple months ago, it was such an awesome moment that I had to share...

Kids were playing in the backyard with their neighbor friends. I needed to grab a couple things from the grocery store for dinner so I asked our neighbor dad if he'd keep an eye on the kids so I could run and do that. I tested Bryce before I left, over 200. I was gone less than 30 minutes. When I got home, I found this note on the front door....

Somehow, Bryce had dropped to 67 in the short time I was gone. His big brother, Jaden, knew the signs so tested him and treated him for the low. When I got back, he had just retested him and gave him pretzels and cheese.

Not only was I so proud of my oldest son for taking care of Bryce, I was also overcome with relief in knowing that Bryce would be safe as long as his brother is by his side.

How many 7 year olds do you know that can spot and treat a diabetic low?


  1. Awesome! Brothers are awesome!

    His note is precious. When J was younger, during the summer when I would "sleep in" until 7:30, J would wake up and test all three of them and write the numbers on a post it note. When I woke up it would be by my bedside. So sweet.

    Jaden rocks!

  2. That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen... What a GREAT big brother!

  3. That made me teary eyed. T's younger brother has brought him juice and his test supplies when he is low. I love how they take care of each other. What a great kid!