Monday, August 23, 2010

Come on now!!

This morning, I woke up to Dex telling me Bryce was low and going down (82, one arrow down). I had to hunt down some test strips cuz of course we were out from the night of testing so by the time I got back, Dex was saying 68 and down. Tested...117!! Really?!!!
So I decided I was going to keep track of all his discrepancies throughout the day....

7:39a Dex 68 arrow down, meter 117
7:53a Dex 90 double arrow down, meter 119
9:34a Dex HIGH (over 400), meter 385
12:20p Dex 234 slight down arrow, meter 180
12:45p Dex 173 slight down arrow, meter 151
2:00p Dex 235 straight arrow, meter 252 ***closest reading of the day!
3:35p Dex 256 slight down arrow, meter 200
5:43p Dex 191 straight arrow, meter 151
6:23p Dex 120 slight down arrow, meter 167
7:44p Dex 60 double arrow down, meter 119
8:30p Dex 216 double arrow up, meter 150

Boy we tested a lot today! Partially cuz I was double checking what Dex was telling me so I could document it. But also cuz we had gone to the zoo and usually he goes low with all that walking. Think the higher numbers today are from being at the end of the set's life. Anyhow, the point is, I can't trust Dex and I don't know what to do about it.


  1. For now I have given up on T's CGM. By the time I got it calibrated and working half way decent the stupid sensor would fall out. That is a huge needle and I hate poking him with it. I feel so lucky that T is older. The technology has a LONG way to go.

  2. You should call DexCom - they may replace the sensor. We get some differences sometimes but we get a lot of accurate readings too. Keep in mind that the meters are off too! They can be up to 20-30% inaccurate - that's what the FDA allows! Scary - right?

    I hope it improves!!!! It's nice to be able to trust the readings!! :)