Monday, August 2, 2010

camping with D

Just got back from a great camping trip (though the weather could have been a lot warmer!)

Hiked to and under North Falls at the Silver Falls State Park. Beautiful.

Not so beautiful were Bryce's numbers.
This time we had Dex with us (not that he is a great traveling companion since he beeps all the time and doesn't always tell the truth)
Even with Dex around, we stopped and tested on the trail.

Despite the hike and the many correction boluses, Bryce's bg was high...holding steady at 350 no matter what we did.

Changed his insulin when we got back to camp.
Turns out that did the trick....battled lows the rest of the night.

As always, test strips everywhere!!


  1. Lots of misbehaving D around here lately! Ah, the joys of summer!

    Looks like you had fun camping! Great weather!

  2. Yep, summer does create hurdles with the heat and difference in activity. I remember that from growing up, and now in the adult-version of my D-Life. We've camped (tent-style in state park) for a few years, and I recently blogged about that - all the D-adventures while camping with friends who don't live it, and some don't fully understand it, but all accept in their own ways. One thing to also keep in mind: insulin can go bad if exposed to heat. I kept my insulin in a bag in the top of the cooler to maintain good temps. Not sure if that played any part, but it can create BG issues. Anyhow, glad you all had a great time in general overall!