Friday, August 20, 2010

so over Dex!

This afternoon, we were playing at my mom's house. My oldest (non-D) son asked for a snack so I got out some granola bars and asked everyone if they wanted one. Bryce yelled, "I would LOVE one! I feel low! Want to see how low I am?" Then proceeded to jump all around and squeal. Well Dex said 107 with one arrow down so no worries and I sent him to off to wash his hands. Well when I tested him, he was 37.

37!!! WTF??

I frantically searched for the juice boxes I had stashed in my mom's pantry. That was when the low hit him and he went from the happy active kid to a slumped sobbing mess.

Damn it Dex!! Your job, your ONLY job, is to alert me to lows!! I even have you set to alarm at 90 so that I can catch the low before it happens. What were you doing today? Ugh, there is nothing I hate worse than a liar. My son's life is in your hands and you keep messing with me!!!


  1. again, tonight before bed, Bryce was jumping up and down and all around. He then said, "I feel low". Dex said 134...actual number, 41!!! ERRRRRRRGH!

  2. Boo and a raspberry to Dex. - he should know better! :0)

  3. Happened to us too! I put "D'com" in the closet this week to think about his actions ;)