Sunday, August 15, 2010

dreams of vacations

My husband and I dream of taking vacations to beautiful places. Places we can relax and have fun. Last spring, we brought our oldest boys with us on our trip to Cabo, Mexico. Not because we wanted to have a great family vacation (which we did!) but because it would not be a relaxing vacation for us if we left our son with someone else to care for his diabetes. Not only do we not have that someone willing and able (my in-laws are close but still a little anxious about handling it all solo) But we would spend the time wondering how his blood sugars were doing and if all was going smoothly. We wouldn't be able to relax and what is the point of a vacation if you can't relax?
Today, after the boys got us really frustrated, we talked about taking that next vacation with just the two of us. We rarely get time together and when we do, we have so much fun. But alas, those carefree days are gone. This is the life we are relegated to.

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  1. My husband and I haven't been away alone since the kids were born - way before D entered our lives. But once a year or so we do get away. This year we stole away for an enrire 24 hours! I know what you're thinking... totally indulgent, right? (Of course, I kid. How in heavens can one day be enough to recharge our batteries?) We sent my kids, including our D-girl, to a friend's house for the day/night. Everyone did great, 24 hours wasn't too long to have to worry about how her numbers were, and we felt great after. Try one night away, if you can. It's not a vaca, but it's nice.