Monday, August 30, 2010

excuses, excuses

I often say I would do things differently if we didn't have D to deal with. But thinking about it, would I really? Do I just use D as my excuse?
My dear neighbor's car just died. For me, that would be almost life ending, but for her, she is able to embrace it and just looked up bus routes. Took it on as a challenge. I so admire this!! When gas prices skyrocketed a year or so ago, I vowed to drive less, walk more. It didn't last more than a day! I realized that with walking, it required so much more effort. Besides the sssllllloooooow stride of young kids, there is D. Walking seems to be the silent killer for Bryce. Boy do his bgs drop with walking!! So for me, it isn't just about walking, but about having the necessary supplies with me: the meter, the snacks, the low treatments, water, etc. And I can't just pack for him because his brothers will want something too. Then to round up the kids, then to walk, and do what I need to do, then walk back. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it!! So I drive, and I even drive down the street to the grocery store where sometimes the parking spot is almost as far away as my house!
So I SAY that I would walk more, drive less without D...but would I really??


  1. No....I drive. We could walk to school every morning -- but....I fear the impact of BG's and the fact that I wouldn't be there to watch things.

    Once this desert heat calms down a bit, the true test will be if I walk to pick up. There's no excuse shall see what happens!

  2. It's no excuse - D does make things harder. And . . . you know what?? things are hard enough with D so no worries about not creating harder situations for yourself. I don't blame you!

    You do what feels right!!! :)