Sunday, August 8, 2010

crying wolf

My love affair with Dex is not a smooth one. He talks too much and doesn't always tell the truth. I think he just wants attention. And last night, he wanted it while we were trying to sleep...of course! Problem is, you can't just ignore him. What if this time he really means it? Multiple alarms said Bryce was low (we have him set to go off anytime Bryce goes under 90) but upon fingerpoke, he was in the 120s. We did turn down his basal to be sure and we calibrated Dex too. We even had Dex try to get our attention by alarming with a double arrow up, saying Bryce went up to 149 when he was still only 100 (this was in between all the low alarms). I think Dex was trying every trick in the book...and it was working. He cried 'Wolf', and we came running. But by 3am, we decided we were not going to fall for his tricks anymore. Luckily, we didn't have to make that decision. He stayed quiet (and Bryce woke up at 270!! wtf?) Think we are getting less sleep with Dex than we were before. However, because he has caught a couple real lows in the middle of the night that we never would have expected, we will keep him around.


  1. This post made me laugh! What a great way to put it! I think dex is a little bratty too, but when your childs life is dependent on certain blood sugars, putting up with it is all you can do. We have the minimed cgm, it sits in a drawer right now so my boys can enjoy the last week of summer beep free!

    So glad to "meet" you! I hope it's okay I add you to my blog list!

  2. Clever way to write that, Denise! Love it. Yes, Dex can be annoying. When I was using, often found myself smothering him under my pillow. But alas, he DOES catch those Lows and that safety/assurance is just irreplaceable. So, we bear it. Love and hate, indeed. Thanks for sharing!