Monday, August 16, 2010

school anxiety

This week, Bryce is attending "KinderAcademy"....a week of kindergarten to get to know his teacher, classmates, and get used to the school before starting in September with all the big kids.
While it is only a half day, they are serving breakfast and lunch. And this is where my anxiety kicks in. I had met with the school nurse in the Spring and we put together a health plan I felt pretty good about. But he will be in afternoon kindy so food isn't really an issue. This week, it is an issue. I could barely function on Sunday as I thought of having to figure out how it all would be handled. I put together some stuff (glucagon, juice boxes, granola bars, extra pump sets). I keep thinking, "is this enough?" "should he have more snack options?" "do I need to have stuff for the office and the class?" "where will he test?" "where will he keep his meter?" "who is going to take care of all this?" "why can't I breathe?" "I think I am going to throw up!" Talk about an anxiety attack!!!
Of course all of this worry is unnecessary. The office staff is familiar with type 1. They have been taking care of a T1 little girl in 3rd grade. They might not be familiar with the pump and cgm but they know how to spot and treat a low....THAT is really the most important part. Plus I am literally 2 mins from the school and always available on my cell. Ok, breathe!!

So this morning, we bring Bryce to school and stay with him as he goes to the cafeteria with the class. We let him pick out his "breakfast" and cringe at the huge amount of empty carbs he is consuming. I know he will skyrocket and so warn his teacher that Dex will try to freak her out but to ignore him. I end up leaving then coming back for lunch to again see the crazy amount of carbs on his tray and bolus him to the moon. I did walk through the process with the office staff that will be taking care of his D. While I feel it is a no-brainer to bolus with the Ping meter, I realize it is because I do it all day every day. So how much did this lady really comprehend and retain? How much do I really want to give her that responsibility? Especially since it is only for 3 more days. Think I may just pop in and take care of it myself. That way, if there is a problem, it is my fault and I can fix it.

Well, after Day One done, I can breathe a little easier but won't fully relax till this camp is over. Of course that means I have a couple weeks before the real deal starts and maybe another anxiety attack.

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