Friday, August 27, 2010

More or Less??

I have written about 5 different fundraising letters for our JDRF Walk. I can't decide which angle to take. I want to let our friends and family know why this is so important to us, how D has affected every bit of our lives, those things all the other Drents know but noone else would. I want them to KNOW too. Not to feel sorry for us or give us pity. But to fight with us and give us strength. I also want them to read the dang thing! To say all I want to say, the letter gets too long. I know that many people don't take the time to read lengthy letters (no matter how important they are to the writer!) So I tried sweet and simple...doesn't pull at the heart strings...and we know what those are connected to in this. Tried to be creative and write a "if a cure was found..." Again, too many things came to mind, it became a beast of it's own. (may add that as a separate addition to the letter.) With just over a month till our Walk on October 3rd, I really need to get going on this and make up my mind before it is too late to send a letter. For those of you veteran "walkers", what have you done that worked best??


  1. Instead of a letter I am going to do a video slideshow with simple sentences and music. Burn it on DVD/cd's and sent them out. 2-3 minutes and done. Now just to pick out the pictures... Good luck whatever you decide.

  2. Hey Denise - I have written 3 letters this year and still can't decide which to send. Send me your email and I will send you the ones I've worked up.

  3. You know...I have been planning on uploading my walk letters to my site at BETA BUDDIES as well. I'll do it this weekend for sure.

    I think the video that April Ann suggested is nice...especially if you are a big FBer...but I still think a letter campaign needs to occur if you want a big turn out or to raise lots of money.

    I usually try to keep the letter to one page (so the readers will read it)... I do discuss breifly about how "d" has affected Joe's life and our family's life. I also talk about JDRF that people know they are donating to an AWESOME organization that donates over 80% of the money directly to research.

    I'll upload the letters later and will come back and leave a comment so you know to go scope it out.

  4. I have this problem too. :( My letters always want to be pages long...but I only want a 1 pager so I end up with a smaller font. The first paragraph is the most important...tug the heartstrings there and you'll get them to read the rest...I think. :)

  5. This was hard for me also. I did a lot of email letters with a video(you can check it out on my blog). It is hard to make it short when we have SO MUCH to say.

    BTW~ congrats on your win. I am sooo super jealous.

    Atleast I still have my Juicy!