Friday, August 6, 2010

old glucagon

Just looked today and found out our glucagon expired in January! Who knew? Good thing we haven't needed it. One of our CDEs said that he has only had a handful of kids ever need to use it, and they were teenagers who had been drinking. Since I found that out, I haven't been so uptight about keeping it on me (or him) at all times. Guess I was too lax about it that I let the ones we have expire. Will refill it today however....just in case.

**glucagon is an emergency shot that is needed if a diabetic goes so low they become unconscious and are unable to ingest fast acting sugars. it is a hormone that releases sugars from the liver. one should always be within close proximity (much like an epi-pen for someone with servere allergies)


  1. I was told the same thing about how we'll probably never use it. Then 6 weeks after dx my daughter got the stomach bug - AFTER a full dose of NPH in the morning. Was throwing up and her NPH started peaking around lunchtime. Turns out the solution is small doses of glucagon! I think I ended up giving her two doses of 7 units. That was enough to keep her bs from plummeting while we waited for the NPH to run it's course.

  2. Pam, I have heard of using the glucagon that way...another reason why I need to refill that rx :-)