Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Day Two of Kinder Academy went great. It helped that we skipped breakfast there and fed him at home, plus I went in to bolus him for lunch. I am sure it was close to 90g of pretty much empty carbs as he loaded up with chocolate milk, grapes, granola, and chicken nuggets. I bolused him for 50g, assumed he would be high especially since it is a set change day and it has been scorching hot the past few days so the insulin is probably bad too but I would take care of it later. When he got off the bus an hour later, he was HIGH. Ok, expected that, like I said. Went to get his pump to change the set, and hmmm, what do you know...it wasn't connected! The cannula was completely out and the adhesive was folded over it. Just dangling there! Wonder how long it has been like that. Did it come out before or after I gave his lunch bolus? Is he high because it hasn't kicked in yet or because he didn't get it? I hate being in that position. I should know to check his set more often, especially when he is high. I guess we will never know for sure if he got that bolus, just glad we can correct it.


  1. Oh, the dreaded kinked cannula. Why does it have to happen on the stupidest of days. Why can't it happen on the Sunday when we are all laying around the house and we can take care of it quickly!

    Tomorrow will be better!

  2. Ugh. What a pain. I have to admit that I don't often think that the set might not be connected. I think it's great you found it when you did. Good luck bringing him down quickly!