Monday, October 18, 2010

riding the line

We have Dex's LOW set at 90. Bryce's numbers this afternoon cruised along that line with slight dips and bumps. That means he was 80-100 for almost 5 hours. It was truly a thing of beauty!

later in the evening, he dropped to 70 and after a glucose tab dropped to 65, some caramel bumped him to 160. So how the heck is it that less that 30 mins later he was 32??!! Frickin D! Anyhow, I will enjoy the brief time off the roller coaster!


  1. That IS a beautiful sight!! Those rebound highs after a low really, really frustrate me..stupid D!!! Glad you had some nice numbers for a while..what a treat!

  2. Why does D do anything? It is a spoiled brat! Thankfully D got some time in the corner...that flat line looks heavenly!

  3. I call that the calm before the storm. D never lets me get to comfy.