Monday, October 4, 2010

not sticking around today

9:30am-set and sensor change

11am-Dex alarms
hmmm, too early for the 2 start up bgs! Oh, that is cuz it is a sensor failure!!! whoohoo!
check site...sensor just falls right off. Um, what happened to the adhesive? WTF?

11:30am-insert new have to go to school in 2 hours to enter start up bgs.

Thanks Dex!

**just got the double beep...Dex says 394, meter says 124. Right on!


  1. RUH ROH...I hope Dex is more on it by now.

    Joe had one literally rip the plastic-y part...the adhesive around the sensor remained stuck to his arm...but the plastic part and the probe came out...weird. It was almost due to be changed anyway, I think he must have caught it on something.

  2. DexCom - it's a love/hate relationship for sure!