Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Every once in a while I worry that my other boys will get diabetes. Mostly I worry about Drew. He is too young to tell me how he feels. Somedays it seems he is drinking a lot of water and that I am changing a lot of diapers. Of course, it is easy to check...just test his blood sugar levels. We have enough meters afterall! Well I have done it twice now. Drew thinks it is great when I pull out the poker for him. He hands me his little finger and I prick it. He is so fascinated by the little drop of blood and goes to touch the test strip with it (last time he licked his finger after...wasn't expecting that!) Never cries or flinches. 125-Whew!!! Until the next trip of paranoia that is! At least I know he would be easy to test if he did get it :-)