Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Friday 6/24

These past couple weeks have been so crazy busy!!
With the end of the school year, came all the parties and celebrations along with it. SOOOO much fun!! The Kindergartners did their music cute! There were awards assemblies. Both Bryce and Jaden were awarded the "Writing Achievement Award" for their class as well as a couple other awards (my boys LOVE to write!! The are always making books and wishing to get them published) The school had a fun End of School Year Party, complete with a DJ and raffle prizes. On the last day, we took the boys to John's Incredible Pizza Company where they rode some rides, played games, and won prizes. Whew!

We had a great Father's Day celebrating my amazing husband who is truly the most incredible dad! (though I spent the first part of the day meeting the amazing Wendy from Candy Hearts and her girls, along with Heidi, Chasiti, and Bonnie...will post on that later)

We just finished our first week of summer vacation. The sun came out (at least for one day).

I started an Anatomy & Physiology class (The greatest thing is that it is an online class so I can sit on my backyard swing and listen to the lecture! AND I don't have to go to a lab and endure the smell of cadavers!)

So here are a few pics of our GOOD things from the past TWO weeks....

Jaden and Bryce on the FIRST day of school...

and on the LAST day of school.....
(yes, Bryce is wearing the shirt the Jaden wore on the first day!)

Bryce on the FIRST day of Kindergarten...
Bryce on the LAST day of Kindergarten...

Jaden's FIRST day of 2nd grade....
Jaden's LAST day of 2nd grade....

End of School Year Party. Bunch of Kinders in the field...

Bryce and his friends being silly...

FATHER'S DAY...we surprised Daddy by putting his presents on the grill for him to find...
My Sweetest Boy and his Amazing Daddy....

Bryce's best friend lives in the house around the corner. He and his brothers were over there playing, which drove our little dog crazy... until he found a loose board and was able to get to them. We soon found out that all the kids can fit through this small hole. Now the kids have a "secret passage" into each others' yard. too bad they are moving in a few week :-(

What good things has your week(s) brought??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

??? Nightmares!

During our crazy lows yesterday and last night, Dex was giving ???s....Thanks Dex!!! I decided to put in a new sensor in hopes that we would not have to be testing him ALL.NIGHT.LONG. When I finished my post last night and retested, he was 118 (finally!!) I left his pump off since I knew I would be doing the start up bgs soon after. Of course he was at 304 and 298 at that point. I entered them into Dex who responded with ???. GREAT! So I stopped and restarted the sensor. A couple hours later he was 157. Dex took the 2 start up bgs and I went to sleep. He woke up this morning at 104 and Dex seemed to be working for the previous couple hours...until then of course when he flashed me his ??? again. UGH! Hope we can get Dex in line cuz after yesterday, I want to see those arrows!!!! (Plus I only have 1 sensor left...better call Dexcom now!)

It was a LONG night for sure. I don't know how many times I tested him but I found a LOT of test strips in my bed when I woke up!!

Another Empty Juice Box...

I am waiting to retest after yet ANOTHER low tonight. What a weird day it has been...

Bryce's 2pm pre-recess bg was 147...excellent! No snack cuz there would be birthday treats in class in 20 mins. Of course this meant a BIG juice box and HUGE frosted sprinkled cupcake.
SWAG'ed it at 45 carbs (the juice was 24g) Dex said 120 flat arrow. He got 3.0u of insulin.
After the treats, the kids went out to play with bubbles. I went to the office to fax something. About 10 mins later, Bryce comes in cuz Dex buzzed 'LOW Under 90'. Couldn't see how that was possible with all the fast sugars coursing through his body. BG test was 125. The school day was almost over so I just took him home.
Not much later, the kids were playing at our neighbor's house and Dex buzzed again. I tested him, 57!!!! I popped a couple rolls of Smarties in his mouth, few mins later had cheese and crackers. Never "felt" low.
Dinner time-68...had him just eat. Eventually bolused him for only his hamburger bun (not for his bananas or milk)
We then went to the school's end of the year party. He wanted some popcorn so we tested him, expecting the burger to have kicked in and a rebound high but instead saw a 67. He ate cookies, popcorn, etc. no bolus. When we got home and got the boys in bed, he was 152 (good, right?).

(Did I mention it was a set change day? Usually that means he is running high...never low! Anyhow, changed his set out and put him to bed. OH, AND Dex was giving me ??? the WHOLE TIME. Put in a new sensor too.)

An hour and a half later, he was 49!!!! WTF?? Juice bumped him to 90... gave him a Gogurt figuring that should do the trick.
20 mins later...71!
He has had NO insulin since 5:30pm and has eaten a TON of carbs.

Well, he will be sleeping with us tonight! Gave him some cereal and unplugged his pump too.

Recheck..... he is now up to 118. Will need to do the 2 start up bgs for Dex pretty soon so it looks like I won't be sleeping yet. Hoping this craziness is behind us though.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jump Hooping

Bryce asked if he could do a vlog. I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he asked "Does it have to be about diabetes?" I said, "no" and this is what he came up with.....
ok, he really went on for a good 15 mins including running all over the backyard but figured, I could cut most of that out ;-)

Field Day

Today was Field Day at school.
A day when the kids go outside and play games. Races, relays, you name it, they do it. For most people, especially the kids, this is something to look forward to. But I was dreading it.
Well if you ask that, then you do not have a child with Type 1!

See, physical activity lowers blood sugars...usually. Sometimes it may raise them. Or it may do nothing. Since I can't predict what Bryce's body will do, I had to decide if I should just have the teacher keep an eye on him (along with the 20+ other kindergartners), pop in and test him a few times, or just hang out with the class the whole time. I had to take my three year old along with me and figured I would decide what to do when we got there. We ended up staying the whole time. Not because I was worried about Bryce and his diabetes (His numbers were great the whole time.) We stayed because it was so fun!!!

It's too bad they couldn't have Field Days more often. :-)

the kids had to put on XXXL tshirts and shorts then balance a ball on a plunger while trying to keep the clothes on....hilarious fun!

Drew played with his tractor on the grass when he wasn't picking daisies.

My oldest and his 2nd grade class doing potato sack races.

Kinders Noodle Toss

Gutter Ball...using teamwork to get the ball into the bucket with the gutter pieces.

Another fun game with his best buddy.

and when it was all over.....

My 3 year old was so tired after his brother's field day, that he fell asleep in this weird position on the chair and slept for like an hour or so!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mmm, Evil Doughnuts!

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day (...or something like that.) Anyhow, it meant FREE doughnuts at Krispy Kreme! Whoohooo!

So fascinating to watch the donuts being made

SWAGing for cookies and creme doughnut (40g?)

could he have picked a sweeter doughnut??


Happy boys after yummy doughnuts!

What wasn't so happy was his bgs! It is amazing what a little (ok, not so little) doughnut can do to his numbers. He soared into the 400s and stayed there for hours! Apparently I didn't SWAG high enough and the temp basal I put in wasn't long enough. EVIL DOUGHNUT! Of course he came crashing down after dinner and we had to battle some lows. Was it worth it? I think he would say Yes. Next time, I will not let the evil doughnut get the best of us....I won't be so conservative on my SWAGing and I will run a bigger temp basal for a longer period. Always a learning experience. :-)

(btw... I prefer the spelling DONUT, but know that Krispy Kreme makes DOUGHNUTS. tomAYto, toMAHto. )