Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field Day

Today was Field Day at school.
A day when the kids go outside and play games. Races, relays, you name it, they do it. For most people, especially the kids, this is something to look forward to. But I was dreading it.
Well if you ask that, then you do not have a child with Type 1!

See, physical activity lowers blood sugars...usually. Sometimes it may raise them. Or it may do nothing. Since I can't predict what Bryce's body will do, I had to decide if I should just have the teacher keep an eye on him (along with the 20+ other kindergartners), pop in and test him a few times, or just hang out with the class the whole time. I had to take my three year old along with me and figured I would decide what to do when we got there. We ended up staying the whole time. Not because I was worried about Bryce and his diabetes (His numbers were great the whole time.) We stayed because it was so fun!!!

It's too bad they couldn't have Field Days more often. :-)

the kids had to put on XXXL tshirts and shorts then balance a ball on a plunger while trying to keep the clothes on....hilarious fun!

Drew played with his tractor on the grass when he wasn't picking daisies.

My oldest and his 2nd grade class doing potato sack races.

Kinders Noodle Toss

Gutter Ball...using teamwork to get the ball into the bucket with the gutter pieces.

Another fun game with his best buddy.

and when it was all over.....

My 3 year old was so tired after his brother's field day, that he fell asleep in this weird position on the chair and slept for like an hour or so!!


  1. Looks like fun! And glad the numbers behaved!

  2. Such fun! Those activities look way better than any field day I had while in school! Just might 'steal' some ideas for suggestions for next year for Bean's school.
    Love how little ones can just collapse like cute!

  3. LOL!! That sleeping photo cracks me up! Glad you all had so much fun!

  4. Hooray for a fun day!!!

    I love the way he fell asleep! Too cute!