Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Empty Juice Box...

I am waiting to retest after yet ANOTHER low tonight. What a weird day it has been...

Bryce's 2pm pre-recess bg was 147...excellent! No snack cuz there would be birthday treats in class in 20 mins. Of course this meant a BIG juice box and HUGE frosted sprinkled cupcake.
SWAG'ed it at 45 carbs (the juice was 24g) Dex said 120 flat arrow. He got 3.0u of insulin.
After the treats, the kids went out to play with bubbles. I went to the office to fax something. About 10 mins later, Bryce comes in cuz Dex buzzed 'LOW Under 90'. Couldn't see how that was possible with all the fast sugars coursing through his body. BG test was 125. The school day was almost over so I just took him home.
Not much later, the kids were playing at our neighbor's house and Dex buzzed again. I tested him, 57!!!! I popped a couple rolls of Smarties in his mouth, few mins later had cheese and crackers. Never "felt" low.
Dinner time-68...had him just eat. Eventually bolused him for only his hamburger bun (not for his bananas or milk)
We then went to the school's end of the year party. He wanted some popcorn so we tested him, expecting the burger to have kicked in and a rebound high but instead saw a 67. He ate cookies, popcorn, etc. no bolus. When we got home and got the boys in bed, he was 152 (good, right?).

(Did I mention it was a set change day? Usually that means he is running high...never low! Anyhow, changed his set out and put him to bed. OH, AND Dex was giving me ??? the WHOLE TIME. Put in a new sensor too.)

An hour and a half later, he was 49!!!! WTF?? Juice bumped him to 90... gave him a Gogurt figuring that should do the trick.
20 mins later...71!
He has had NO insulin since 5:30pm and has eaten a TON of carbs.

Well, he will be sleeping with us tonight! Gave him some cereal and unplugged his pump too.

Recheck..... he is now up to 118. Will need to do the 2 start up bgs for Dex pretty soon so it looks like I won't be sleeping yet. Hoping this craziness is behind us though.


  1. Oh man Denise, I sure hope those start up BGs got Dex up and running and your night went smoothly. I think days like this are one of the many reasons that diabetes can be so rough. It is unpredictable. xo

  2. We had a really low day the other day, too -- (followed by a high day, of course!) the whole time you're just questioning everything! Maybe spurts of honeymoon? Roselady

  3. That is brutal Denise! I hope the lows stayed away and you all were able to get some sleep last night. :o( That's so scary when you are pumping them full of carbs and it doesnt seem to be making a difference at all. Hoping today is a better day for you guys!

  4. Ugh, isn't that weird??? I hate days like that. It is so crazy. HOpe you got some sleep last night and that he stayed steady!

  5. I don't get it... we have days like those too. All the carbs in the world won't get her above 100. Hope dex came back up fine and things got better.

  6. Days like that throw me for a loop! They never make sense, do they?! I hope you're seeing better numbers now.