Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bryce's Team: Wipeout Diabetes

We have a team for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes!!!
Join us or donate to 'Bryce's Team: Wipeout Diabetes'
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

midnight honey

Diabetes doesn't sleep...
What that means for us is that Bryce's blood sugar levels need to be tested in the middle of the night to make sure he doesn't go too low. Being the super amazing dad/husband that he is, John takes care of these midnight and 3am tests (he figures I have to take care of Drew, so he will take care of Bryce. Man I love that guy!!) There have been plenty of times where John will be battling a low while I sleep, totally unaware of what is going on. Now in case you are wondering, if he is just borderline low, we can turn off his pump, maybe give him a sip of milk and all is fine but if he is really low, he needs fast sugar. Our go to is usually honey. Last night, we were both up (Drew was screaming like a mad man) so I went in with John when he brought in some honey. John sat Bryce up and told him he had honey. Without even opening his eyes, Bryce devoured the spoonful of honey, making sure to lick every little bit of it. It was quite an amazing thing to watch. And when he was done, he went back to sleep. BG up to 150...we went back to sleep too :-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

diabetes camp

A couple weeks ago, we went to Gales Creek Camp for children with diabetes. The preschool camp consisted of us and 7 other families with 4-5 year olds with diabetes. It was just one day and an overnight (when the kids get older, camp runs for a whole week.) While the kids played games with the camp counselors, the parents met to share stories, ask questions, and go over things like how to prepare for sending your kid to school, latest research in finding a cure, etc.
The boys seemed to have a really good time. Here are some memorable things from our time at GGC:
*we rocked out family skit night (Bryce sang "I've got diabetes!" and we backed him up "he's got diabetes!"...this little 'rap' was a fave of the counselors. Other verses went "I'm ready for a poke", "Time to get a new set", etc)
*Bryce got this obnoxious whistle from the camp store (every time he blew it, all the staff would look around wondering of it was time to gather everyone "on the log")
*swimming in the pool was fun (until Jaden swallowed a gallon of the water and proceeded to throw up into the pool- Everyone out!!)
*Jaden said the food was amazing (grilled cheese on white bread-w/american cheese for lunch and huge fluffy pancakes for breakfast)
*Drew was dropped off by my mom at dinner time (he was dubbed 'PB boy' cuz after snack, he was covered head to toe in peanut butter)
*night time blood sugar tests (we stayed in the boys dorm with 4 other families and all night long I could hear the click click of test vials opening, lancing devices cocking, and fingers being poked)
*after breakfast, Bryce was really out of it and zoning (he was 529!! bolused him according to the pump, later got an unbolused snack, when tested before lunch he was 36! wtf?)

so long

It surely has been a while since I last posted. So long that I forgot my login and password!! Of course with no time to figure out what they were since I am chasing a 15 month old, battling highs and lows, and trying to keep cool, it meant a couple more weeks with no postings. Go figure, I finally have some time with the two oldest playing outside and the little one napping. So I get logged back in and the baby wakes up....well hopefully it won't be too long before I can actually update you all!! Gotta get Drew!!!