Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mmm, Evil Doughnuts!

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day (...or something like that.) Anyhow, it meant FREE doughnuts at Krispy Kreme! Whoohooo!

So fascinating to watch the donuts being made

SWAGing for cookies and creme doughnut (40g?)

could he have picked a sweeter doughnut??


Happy boys after yummy doughnuts!

What wasn't so happy was his bgs! It is amazing what a little (ok, not so little) doughnut can do to his numbers. He soared into the 400s and stayed there for hours! Apparently I didn't SWAG high enough and the temp basal I put in wasn't long enough. EVIL DOUGHNUT! Of course he came crashing down after dinner and we had to battle some lows. Was it worth it? I think he would say Yes. Next time, I will not let the evil doughnut get the best of us....I won't be so conservative on my SWAGing and I will run a bigger temp basal for a longer period. Always a learning experience. :-)

(btw... I prefer the spelling DONUT, but know that Krispy Kreme makes DOUGHNUTS. tomAYto, toMAHto. )


  1. Omg they are so cute! Damn those donuts look good !

    Sorry about the wacky bgs but glad he enjoyed it!

  2. :) Absolutely...give him donuts and next time just smack the shit outta those little f-ers with more insulin - haha. Donuts make Joe go low...bastards.

  3. Yummmmmmmmm . . . . ::dripping saliva from mouth like Homer Simpson:: . . . . cookies and cream donuts!

    And, donuts are ALWAYS worth it!!!!

  4. I'm so jealous!!! They just closed down the one in my area.

  5. That cookies n cream donut looked darn good!

  6. A cookies and creme doughnut? Delish!!!

    No matter how you spell them "donuts" or "doughnuts," they're evil...but worth it! :)

  7. yummy!!!! donuts send R sky high. cannot beleive theres a national donut day. hahaha.