Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jump Hooping

Bryce asked if he could do a vlog. I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he asked "Does it have to be about diabetes?" I said, "no" and this is what he came up with.....
ok, he really went on for a good 15 mins including running all over the backyard but figured, I could cut most of that out ;-)


  1. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! I saw Denise tonight! I love seeing my buddies in "VLOG format". :) He is too cute Denise. Love the Vlog. xo

  2. That was awesome! Jump Hooping takes skillz! :)

  3. Oh, my gosh, he is SO cute!!! All three of my kids are really good hula hoopers, but they can't do that! Tell Bryce I'm impressed! :)