Friday, October 15, 2010

Naughty Night

Get your mind out of the gutter...this is a D blog people!

Last night, Dex was being feisty. He had been so honest and forthright all day that I think he felt it was time to be naughty when we were going to bed.

We heard beeps and buzzes of all numbers and tones...3s, 2s, even a 4 beep and single beeps!
(for those unfamiliar with the Dexcom cgm, it will buzz 3 times for a low or a fast fall, beep twice for a high or fast rise...not sure what the 4 and 1 beeps were)

Each time we went in (ok, each time my hubby went in...I had a sleeping baby in my arms. Ok, not a baby but a two and a half year old but still!) Bryce was around 160...nothing to worry about. But Dex wanted us to worry. Wanted us to run down the hall.

Eventually, my husband decided to take Dex so he would stop bother us since we knew Bryce's numbers were fine.

But then Dex started beeping at us every few minutes to tell us he was out of range!! At this point, the hubs and I were sleep deprived and angry. In the almost 14 years we have been together, we have only had one or two arguments. Dex managed to add one more to that list. Not sure what exactly we were fighting about since we were both half asleep but it was not a good thing.

When asked what I think about Dex, I have a really hard time answering that. When he is behaving, I LOVE him. When he pulls this $**t, I really HATE him.


  1. Denise...I think our D'coms are in cahoots together. I have been up since 2 am...same shit. Joe was in the 150s, Dexter was alarming for the 60s - UGH. For the most part I love the CGM, but don't ask me after a night like last night.

    I hope you get a nap in today.

  2. I have been holding off on my d'com post because of this same reason. We have a love hate relationship for sure!!!

  3. I tried to have a love-hate CGM (Navigator) relationship, but ended up with just the hate part :( Before stuffing it in my closet for good, I tried turning off the alarms...but that kinda defeated the purpose and I didn't feel like it was worth risking scar tissue and extra pokes for something that wasn't helpful to me.

  4. Stupid CGM technology! When will they get it right? It is crazy. Can't live with it. Can't live without it. Ugh!