Saturday, October 9, 2010

The big D & A1c

While no-D day was a lot of fun and we got to learn others things about members of the DOC, it was far from a 'no-D day' off the blogs...actually it was Bryce's endo appointment day. So a very D day! Yet, I waited to blog about it. So here it is....

A1c 7.5 this is the lowest he has ever been since diagnosis (last term was 8.6 and I cried!) so I am thrilled and the endo is thrilled....however, reading about the A1cs of the DOC kiddos, I am going to strive for better. Anyhow, I believe this improvement is due to the fact that Bryce started his Dex cgm (continuous glucose monitor) since that appointment. We have a better understanding of how he reacts to insulin and food and made some major adjustments to basals and insulin to carb ratios. Guess we did good on those adjustments cuz our endo suggested no!!!

Asked about testing for thyroid and celiac. Turns out he was tested at diagnosis (almost 2 years ago). I had no idea but he apparently tested positive for one of the celiac markers but negative on the other. Holy cow! I had NO idea....granted, at diagnosis, I was in complete shock and they could have told me he grew extra toes and I wouldn't have processed that. If they even went over these results with me, I wouldn't have had any idea what it meant. Now I know, and now I am freaked out. So our endo ordered to have the lab work done and see how it comes back. Crossing fingers!!!

Since we weren't anticipating a blood draw, we decided to skip school and go get a special treat. Guess what he wanted? Krispy Kreme donuts!!!! OMG, really??

Well, why the heck not? So off to Krispy Kreme for a ghost donut we went. And high bgs to battle the rest of the day!


  1. That's an awesome A1C!!! Keep in mind that he is young... lower is not always better. I think you should listen to the doc... No changes necessary. You are rockin the D!!!!

  2. We often celebrate an endo appointment with something we wouldn't normally eat. :) It is such a load off when you leave the appt., it just seems right to celebrate, if nothing else, the freedom of the moment.

    Congrats on the awesome A1C!!!

  3. CLEAN SLATE baby!!! I am a big fan of eating out on Endo day. Congrats on the A1C - you guys rock...and I'll stay tuned on the celiac markers...keeping my fingers crossed dear Denise.

  4. Way to go on that A1C!

    I think going to Krispy Kreme was a great way to mark the occasion. :-)

  5. Great a1c - improve? I think it's already great!
    OMG - I love KK Donuts! That ghost looks GOOD!!!!
    How many carbs in that baby??