Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Naked Pancreas in PDX

The amazing Reyna over at Beta Buddies put together this great Naked Pancreas Meme on how we manage our kiddos diabetes:

Here is my NAKED PANCREAS...

1. What kind on insulin management mode do you use?
Bryce has been on the Animas Ping (blue) for a year and a half...LOVE it!

2. How often do you inject/change pump sites?
We change his site out every 2 -3 days depending on how it looks and how his numbers are. I have gone 4 days before. I now put less insulin in the cartridge so it will give me a low cartridge warning when it is time to change it out, otherwise I usually forget (unless there are issues of course) Using the Inset 30 (blue)

3. What type (s) of insulin do you use?

4. What are your basal settings ?
6a-9a 0.325
9a-8p 0.275
8p-6a 0.175

5. What are your correction factors ?
12a-7a 225
7a-8p 180
8p-12a 205

6. What are your meal ratios ?
12a-9:30a (breakfast) 1:12
9:30a-5p (lunch) 1:16
5p-12a (dinner) 1:18

7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?
Since Bryce is just in school half day for Kindergarten, we don't have to worry about PE yet. Before recess, he gets a "free" snack of crackers or a cookie (5g)...they test him and give him a correction bolus before if needed, then he can have snack with the rest of his class. For swim lessons and most other sports, we disconnect his pump and give him an unbolused snack if he is under 150. We still haven't quite got it all figured out (neither has his body!)

8. How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods?
We combo bolus. Pizza doesn't effect him as much as grilled cheese sandwiches or cheeseburgers. Those we combo and also do a temp basal. Oatmeal and donuts are other killers but I think we are figuring it out as we go along.

9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?
Since we have been on the pump, I use the ezManagerMax that came with our pump. I glance over his numbers after almost every set change and if they are looking too wonky, will print them out and highlight the highs and lows to figure out what needs tweeking. But just like other experienced Dmamas, I can pretty much figure it out in my head where things are off and need adjusting. Seeing it on paper (or the computer) just confirms it.

So now that I put it all out there, we will probably be doing some changes...but that is the life of a pancreas right.

Anyone else game?
You're up!


  1. Wow...Way COOL. I love that his Correction Factors are so minute and his basals seem little to, but damn those meal ratios are intense. I am constantly in awe of the differences in PWDs and the way their bodies utilize insulin and their sensitivity to insulin and carbs.

    Thanks for "disrobing"!

  2. I love all the nakedness in the blogger world today!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. I love reading everyone's nakedness! I wish I could get EZ max to work with mac but I just cannot!!

  4. Hey friend! You won the box of hydration drinks on my blog. :) Email me your address and I'll have KIDStrong mail you your box asap!

    ourdiabeticlife (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. Dang, girl! You're a winner of wonders!

    Awesome nakedness :) I love all this BUFF BEAUTY, but can't believe how different everyone is!