Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bryce's Meme

So this Meme was started by Heidi over at D-Tales and has been making it's rounds.
I was wondering how Bryce would answer so here you go...

Well first off, when I told him I had a few questions and could he answer them, he said "no! I always say no, why are you asking me?" Um, this was the first time I brought it up....OH, that's right, he is HIGH right now...will wait for that insulin to kick in and try again!

ok, here we go....he is now 161 and ready to play

What is your name?

How old are you?

When were you diagnosed with diabetes?
4? (he was 3 and a half)

Do you remember what happened when you were diagnosed or how you felt?
I went to the hospital and had lots of jello and graham crackers.

Do finger pokes or shots [or site insertions/infusion set changes] hurt?
well my sets hurt, my finger pokes used to hurt but now they don't at all...they just feel like normal, but sometimes they just feel like your nail pressed hard against it sometimes

What is a high number?
um like maybe 500, yeah like 500....anything over 200 is a HIGH
number (singsongy voice)!

What is a low number?
is 30 too low? yeah, 30!

What does low blood sugar feel like?
it makes me hungry sometimes I feel grumpy

What’s your favorite way to treat a low?
honey and caramel

How do you feel when your blood sugar level is high?
grumpy, angry, mad

What’s the best thing about having diabetes?
I can have things that are sweet when I am low more times than just when I have special treats

What’s the worst thing about having diabetes?
that I have to wait when I am super hungry to eat and when I am low I have to wait 10 mins

Do you worry much about diabetes?

No. I sometimes worry about too low to read, glucagon numbers, but not too much.

If one of your friends were diagnosed with diabetes, what would you say to that friend?
I am diagnosed too.

What’s your favorite food?
watermelon (I didn't know that...that is his brother's fave, had no idea it was his!)

What’s your favorite snack?
peanut butter crackers

What’s your favorite low-carb food?
honey, oh, low carb.... turkey wrapped on cheese stick

Do you know what a blog is?

Do you know that I blog about diabetes?
I don't know what that means! tell me more.

Do you care?
no. yes, I actually do. Blog doesn't sound like a good name

Why do you think I blog about diabetes?
cuz you like to say that word

What’s your biggest wish?
for no diabetes

Who’s your best friend?
I don't have one...I have tons of friends and I don't like any one of them more

What do you like about him/her/them?
I like to play with them

What’s your favorite thing to do?
ride my bike

Do you have a hero?
what does that mean?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
football player

Who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world?
I don't have somebody...actually it's YOU! (awwwwww!!!!!)

Are you afraid of anything?
going too low to read.

Fill in the blank. is___________. There is no right or wrong answer.
Bryce is diagnosed.
Can I go ride my bike now? ok, bye bye!


  1. So glad you did the meme!

    Bryce sounds so cute. He also sounds really articulate for his age. Many of his answers, like how he described low and high blood sugar, impressed me.

    And I love a boy who loves his mama!!!! :)

  2. What a cutie! Blog is a weird name!

  3. Blog is a weird name!!! LOL. It is kind of weird come to think of it.

    Heidi is right...he is articulate and extremely knowledgeable re: diabetes and the management...the "glucagon numbers" that he worries about got to me.

  4. So cute! I love that he wants to be a football player when he grows up! That's right Bryce, T1 kids can do ANYTHING!