Friday, September 17, 2010


My boys often play "diabetes." They have a ton of extra D supplies to test their stuffed animals with, etc. Yesterday my 5 year old D son was testing his little 2 year old brother. Didn't think much about it. Turns out he had gotten out his real loaded AccuCheck multiclix and was actually poking his finger... and my 2 year old didn't even care!!! Think he got about 7 finger pokes. Good thing is, his bg was in range (109) :-)

Of course Bryce later wanted to test my bg. I have a huge fear of needles (go figure!) I was kinda scared of getting pricked. Had to take a second to think about how ridiculous it is that I have pricked my son over 10,000 times, and he barely notices. Here I was scared about it. He pricked my finger...a couple times. Yeah, still not a fan of it!


  1. Too funny! You're good mom to let him prick you, considering your fear of needles!!!

  2. Huge fear of needles here too. It is so bad that I start to cry at the mere thought of getting poked. How sad am I?

    Strangely enough, blood tests don't phase me in the slightest. Strange.

  3. I think it is sweet that they play together so nicely. Whenever I check my sugar I cringe and close my eyes before the poke. It's scary! Our children are so amazing!

  4. Yeah, I kind of hold my breath before I "check myself" or when I put in a set when Joe went on the pump. I am NOT a big needle fan. Your kids are sooo cute btw.

  5. I am sorry, but that junk hurts!! Maybe I'm just wimpy?!?!

    I am pretty impressed that a 2 yr old let him poke him more than once.