Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School digressions

Well today was the first day of school. I know many of you went through this a week or two ago and I have been reading all about it trying to prepare myself for this moment as Bryce enters Kindergarten.

I haven't been able to sleep these past few nights. Kept going through everything in my head....
Do I have all the supplies, enough juice boxes, directions for the meter/pump/cgm, will he be high/low, should I have him test at a different time, what if....

I know everything will be fine once we are in the groove of school. Well, I think that once we have a routine, it will be no prob. Right? We will be able to predict what his blood sugars will do. HAH! Who am I kidding? This is D we are talking about...once you figure out the pattern, it up and changes!!! We haven't changed any pump settings because of this... he was running high so we TALKED about upping his basals and guess what?...these past two days he's running low.

But I digress....

Today was the first day of school.

Nobody was happy to wake up early...especially since it was so cold and dreary outside. We made breakfast, got everyone dressed, and headed off to school to get my oldest to his 2nd grade class. Bryce was a huge grump (maybe due to being high from breakfast) and I wasn't much better (lack of sleep & no coffee) But we got big brother happily into his classroom.

Bryce doesn't start Kindergarten till after lunch so tried to run errands (bad idea with tired cranky mommy and no coffee) Bryce and little brother were not getting along and it was really frustrating me. Yelled more than I should have and sent Bryce to his room for tormenting his little brother. Few mins later, went in and tested him...63. Maybe his behavior was due to his bgs crashing. Boy did I feel like a great Dmom then!!!

Again, I digress!!

Today was the first day of kindergarten.

After lunch, Bryce got his backpack and we put his D kit in it, took a few pictures, and met the bus at the corner. I told the bus driver he has diabetes and that he may need to drink juice or eat a snack. He told me he was diabetic so he understood (yeah, sure, probably type 2)

Regardless, I did feel better about that since it is about a 20 mins bus ride (and yes, we could walk there faster!). So off to school he went. I waited around a bit then went to the school to meet him when the bus arrived. He sat with some of his classmates before the teacher led them inside.

Now the plan is for Bryce to go into the office to be tested and drop off his kit. Today the nurse was there as well as the secretary that will be taking care of all his D needs. We tested him, he was 124 (great! but after a big lunch? uh had me worried) Decided to make a change to the plan that if he is under 150 to give him 5g snack (hmmmm, maybe?? really depends on what the morning was like....but can't explain all that) I could feel the nurse roll her eyes at having to add another contingency to his plan (maybe she wasn't. she comes across very nice and accommodating but maybe inside she was rolling her eyes...I would have been!)

ok, digressing again and getting tired of writing. And this post is nothing like I wanted it to be. So I will just wrap it up...

I had locked my keys in the car. Needed my mom to come and bring me my spare keys so I could leave the school. Came back and tested before snack/recess (again to show how to do it to the secretary) Then met my boys at the bus stop after school.

When I asked them how school was, they both said "GREAT!"

Whew! Think I can sleep tonight. Well maybe, if it wasn't for Dex telling us Bryce is low!


  1. Oh yes...I know this post all to well! There are so many contingencies and "what ifs!" The problem with Type 1 is we don't live in a world of black and white. We live in a world of gray! There are always the, "do it this way unless this happens. Or this. Or this." I wish it were so simple. Take care though...once they get in their groove it will get a little easier! Never easy...but a little easier. ;)

  2. Last year I had a disaster first day of school, and it ended up being a great year for all the boys! Its a good omen. :)