Friday, September 10, 2010

If we could just take a piece of his pancreas....

While waiting for the school bus this afternoon, I was talking to my neighbor who has a daughter in Bryce's kindergarten class. I was telling her about our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and that Bryce really wants them to be on our team. I also gave her one of our fundraising letters. We were still talking about it when the kids got off the bus. Being a curious 5 year old, the daughter asked what we were talking about so her mom said "you know the thing that T has? Well Bryce has just the opposite." Turns out her cousin's son has something called hyperinsulinism...his pancreas makes TOO MUCH insulin!!! They are able to control it with oral meds but still has instances of low blood sugars so, just like us, needs to have juice or quick sugars and glucagon close by. Now if we could just take a piece of his pancreas and replace it with Bryce's, we could solve both problems!! (if only it could be that easy!!)


  1. Hi.

    Just happened by your blog today. I'm a type 1 from the UK. One of my Type 1 buddies here got Type 1 after hyperinsulinism. Her type was too severe for the oral meds, so they had to remove her pancreas. As well as having D, she also has to take these horrible tablets with meals for the digestive enzymes the pancreas also makes.

    Pancreas removal is a last resort. They can cure hyperinsulinism sometimes with the oral meds or just by removing the 'tail' of the pancreas. Look at this site for some stories of kids with hyperinsulinism

  2. now if those two pancreas' could get together and have a chat... maybe we could work something out?