Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Diabetes Art Day


  1. I love this! Speaks right to a D moms heart!


    Love, love, love it :)

  3. AWesome! I love the one with the multiclix!

  4. So I totally found this serendipitously... although I hate that it's over a month after Diabetes Art Day that it happened. I was looking at George's links for No D Day, and figured I'd randomly pick a few to check out. When I randomly chose yours, I wondered if you had participated in Diabetes Art Day, and I discovered you had!

    I'm a huge fan of using D supplies to create art, so a big thumbs up to your contributions! Are those the Multi-Clix cartridges? i use Multi-Clix, but only started using them like a month ago, and I'm one of those who never changes my lancet, so I'm still on the first sticker in the first cartridge. I figure one cartridge will likely last me for years, *shrug*. The "diabetes" looks likes it's floating to me though, just because of the lighting.

    A much belated thanks for participating, and I'll be adding your link to the list of participants :)