Thursday, September 9, 2010

officially a crazy Dmom

Well at least that is what the school nurse probably thinks after all our talks about "if this, then that. but if this, then that" etc. She has revised Bryce's health plans multiple times as I think of something. His plan has added pages, etc. As you other Dmoms know, there are a lot of contingencies with D and it is hard to write them out. When all the what-ifs are taken out, he really is just being tested when he arrives then again before snack. But we have to talk about when he is low, high, if he eats, if Dex alarms, etc. There are so many things that I want to know (to make adjustments, etc) but aren't important to school. Plus he has a pump and cgm so need instructions on those. Anyhow, when we went over everything I said and compared them with the doctor's orders, it looked like I was wanting to keep him between 150-160. Yeah, I wish that was possible. See, I had said that if he was under 150 when he got to school, to give him a 5g snack & doctor orders say to correct for a high if over 160. No wonder she thinks I am nuts! Well the 160 is cuz his pump would only correct him down to the high range so when it was set at 80-200, he was always in the 200s till we changed that target. Anyhow, I am hoping that when we have been doing this routine for a couple weeks and I have a better feel for Bryce's numbers, that we can simplify his Dcare at school. I really am not a neurotic Dmom with control issues (and we have a high a1c to prove it!)


  1. Hang in there! I sooo get it from a few angles. I am a "d" mom...AND a sub "school nurse". It is hard to not let the "d" mama take over for the "d" kids I care

    If she thinks you are a little freaky-deaky so-be-it. Only one of us...can truly understand. xoxo

  2. You just stay strong, Sista. Do what your gut says and don't let anyone convince you otherwise! If you're feeling ready to change t he plan of care at school, FINE :) If not, THAT'S FINE TOO....because YOU are in charge of his diabetes. That's JUST the way it is!