Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothin but the Blues!

BLUE for World Diabetes Day that is!!

I was hoping to light the house up in BLUE, wear all BLUE, and go to the Circle in the Square event in Downtown Portland.

I am instead laid up in bed (had a procedure done on my foot so have to keep it elevated). The PJ's I won from the Great WDD PJ Giveaway would be put to good use right now! Guess I will have to wait but I am soooo excited to have won! What a great company and way to contribute to JDRF, please check them out (PJs for the Cure) and order some pjs for you and your family.

Yesterday, I sent my hubby to the store and asked him to pick up some blue nailpolish for me. He thought I was silly but found me a great shade of blue (and asked that I never have him pick out nailpolish again) After I painted my nails, Bryce decided he wanted his painted too...and his toenails. Then his little brother wanted his painted blue too. Jaden, our almost 8 year old, said "girls paint their nails, not boys" so even though it was BLUE, we couldn't convince him to do it...oh well.

I have been wearing my "Cure Type 1" necklace I won over the summer from Wendy at Candy Hearts (Gets me a lot of comments, even met a mom with a type 1 daughter that is now 16.)

I also finally got around to using the gift certificate from Lauren's Hope that I won. Bryce picked out a robot medical ID necklace and I picked out a stainless steel water bottle for him (thinking I might save it for xmas) They have so many great things, it was hard to decide.

Friday, we got our box of KidStrong Hydration drinks we won from Our Diabetic Life. Today we did our taste testing...
Jaden (almost 8): likes orange best, then fruit punch, doesn't like grape
Bryce (5 1/2, T1): likes fruit punch best, then orange, doesn't like grape
Drew (2 1/2): likes all of them
John (hubby): likes grape, then orange, and doesn't like the fruit punch. Says they taste like watered down Kool-aid or Gatorade. Not too bad. Okay for the kids, not for him. Later said they were pretty gross.
Me: I liked the grape and fruit punch but not the orange. I think they are okay for the kids and like that they are low carb and fortified with vitamins, etc. Probably wouldn't buy them (granted they only sell them in the NE states right now but still)

FedEx did NOT deliver our new Dexcom receiver on Saturday like I expected. I assume it is coming on Monday. This mini Dex-free vacation has proved we CAN live without always seeing what Bryce's numbers are doing but we really miss those arrows!

So I will end my drug induced rambling for now and conclude that this was a great WDD. Hope you all had great numbers and got the awareness for our cause out there :-)


  1. You lucky duck with all of your wins! :)

    Hope you're healing, feeling well, and up and about soon!

    What a great guy to buy blue nail polish for you!

  2. You are on a winning streak woman! Especially that Hubby who found you a perfect blue shade :)


  3. Jealous of your WINNING STREAK - j/k!!! Love that you guys did a taste test of all those drinks.

    Hope you are healing...and NICE blue polish...


  4. FYI, Dexcom doesn't deliver on weekends... that's why we had to wait until Tuesday to receiver ours.

  5. Hey there from p-town, we're just in Tacoma and often visit Portland one of our favorite cities as DH and I went to Linfield together.
    Hope your surgery went well and you are enjoying some beautiful fall days!

  6. A little jealous of your winning streak! I really wanted that necklace!! ;) I hope that your foot is feeling better too.