Tuesday, November 23, 2010

not sure I wanna go back...

A couple Fridays ago, Dex (Bryce's continuous glucose monitor), said farewell to us with a big exclamation mark and some weird error code. That jerk!

Dexcom FedEx'd a new one out to us that we received last Monday afternoon, after a weekend free of a cgm.

A week and a half later, we still have not put on a sensor and started up the new Dexx. I must say, I don't know if I want to. There is something freeing about not being able to look and see what his blood sugars are doing at any time. It is not like I really ever trusted the number Dex gave us anyhow. We ended up testing him more because of this and to me, that defied the point of having a cgm. Plus I hate having another device attached to my sweet little boy's body. And if I mention putting on a sensor, Bryce runs screaming from the room.

Does this mean I will never use it again? No. I actually am thinking it will be good to have over the holiday weekend with all the food and fun with his brothers and cousins. So I plan to put this new Dexx to the test starting tomorrow. We'll see if this new guy woos me enough to keep him around. He better not lie to me as much as his predecessor cuz I no longer have any qualms about boxing him.


  1. lol at the boxing part. I love reading your cgm stories cause im tryiing so hard to get one for J. Gl this weekend! And i box too ;)

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way. I have to say, I don't really use Dexter for the numbers...just the trend arrows. I have found our checking to be down to about 8-10 x a day instead of 12-15 x daily. I am not sure if it is b/c of Dexter or b/c Joe is now 7. Maybe a little of both. I am glad you got a "break" and good luck with the Turkey Day food! It is always a wild ride after the feast!!! LOL.

  3. Amen. It's like the brain is able to take a break.

    But the good news is, we've found that what we've learned from using DexCom makes the times we now have without it, better controlled overall. That's a great win and accolade to DexCom in my book1

  4. I completely relate to this, Denise.

    It's why we haven't considered even TRYING a CGM since the disastrous experience we had almost 2 years ago with the Navigator.

    I had to decide if my brain really NEEDED all the extra work.

    I have finally decided to TRIAL a CGM...but I'll rip that sucker off quick as a blink if/as soon as I see us headed down that road again.

    Hang in there...keep us posted!

  5. I can understand what you mean, but like Reyna, we concentrate on the the trend arrows and not the numbers. Our testing is definately down, and the CGM has saved our butts a couple of times.

  6. Thank you for the perspective! I am starting to realize that the numbers are pretty off...and I find myself checking a lot. BUT, it's the trending arrows that I'm trying to focus on.

    Wendy...can you share your CGM story? I'm curious to hear all good/bad about them!

  7. I love it - Not afraid to BOX it! Take that, Dex!
    I also agree with Jo and Reyna - - - we use it for the trends. Although I have cut down Nate's bg checks from 10-12 to 6-7. I think that's a good thing?!?!

    Good luck with the new Dex.

  8. I would agree that looking at the trends is better then looking at the numbers, even though I rely on both. The trends and numbers together determine whether I am going to do an actual finger poke or not. You could easily dwell on the numbers and end up testing more. As our rep told me you need to expect there to be a 20-30 point swing with the numbers. It is an average not the exact at that moment. That helped me learn when I need to check it and when I just have it there for informational purposes.

    Good luck this time around!

  9. I go through the same thing! I can't live without the CGM, and then someone takes it off, and it takes me forever to put it back on someone. It is a bit freeing, for sure!