Monday, November 8, 2010


Monday is set/sensor change day...

Once a week, Bryce needs to have a new sensor for his CGM (continuous glucose monitor) put in. I also change out his infusion set for his insulin pump. Usually this is no big deal, but lately he has been having a lot of anxiety before I put them on.


BIG FAT Crocodile Tears

His tears led to my tears and a lot of snuggles after. I HATE that we have to do this to keep my son alive and healthy. I HATE that he gets scared. I HATE that, after 2 years, it is not easy.



  1. Sensor change day is a huge production around here. Elise SCREAMS. I struggle with putting it on her because it's not necessary (like a pump is), but it does make life easier. I just really hate to force it on her. I don't know what the answer is on this one.

  2. Big, fat SIGH! I hate it too...

  3. I'm sorry. I know how the tears break our hearts. I hope next week is easier for both of you.

  4. Do you use EMLA for the sensor changes? We do, Joe still gets a little nervous, but states he doesn't feel it too much. I too hate the tears...and/or ... the wincing. Joe usually winces if it hurts. Breaks my heart.

    Love to you dear friend and your sweet boy.

  5. We don't use EMLA. It isn't the pain he is concerned about. He told me it usually doesn't hurt and that the sensor hurts less than the set. For some reason he is just scared it might hurt or something else...not sure.
    To make things worse, we have been getting big fat ???s or last night it said 348 but he was 198 then a couple hours later it alarmed 70 double arrows down....he was 153!!! ERGH!! Looks like we will be changing out sensors again.