Tuesday, November 16, 2010

U wants to know ?? Meme

For informative purposes: Bryce, age 5 1/2yr, diagnosed 10/29/08

When did you guys start pumping? April 2009, 5 months after DX, Animas Ping

What do you use to change sites? Whats your "process"?
Bryce lays across my lap and watches a show or something on my laptop. I use unisolve to get the cgm sensor off, then alcohol to clean, IV prep for the pump set spot. I used to let him tell me when he was ready before I inserted the set or sensor. Now he is too anxious about it so I give him a countdown and if he hasn't said he is ready, I do it when he is less tense.

How often do you check ketones?
rarely. usually only if he is sick or over 300 for more than half the day (not including the am when he is always over 300). has only had small ketones once with a stomach bug so we have been really lucky there.

When do you do an unscheduled site change?
when there is blood in the cannula or the set looks bad. or it gets pulled out (getting pants down to go potty)

Whats your childs target?

What was your childs last A1C?

What kind of strips do you use?
One Touch

Which do you prefer?
Before he was on the pump, we liked AccuCheck

What kind of Peanut Butter do you use?
our grocery store has a peanut grinder so we use all natural freshly ground peanut butter...LOVE IT!! Sometimes we get Adams, mmmm salty! Can't handle JIF or Skippy cuz they just taste like sugar to us now.

Do you allow juice when not low?
On occasion but very rarely.

Do you still check your child at night?
Of course...probably more at night than during the day. (8pm his bedtime, 11pm our bedtime, 3am, 6:30ish hubby wake up, 7:30 his wake up. And of course more if he is too high and was corrected or battling lows or when Dex likes us to think there is a problem, etc)

What is your rule on sweets?
same as pre-D, moderation!

Regular pasta or whole wheat?
whole wheat

What about veggies and fruits?

White bread or whole wheat?
Don't think my boys have ever had white bread. Usually whole wheat, sometimes multigrain. Digging this whole grain flax bread lately.

Do you use glucose tabs?
Bryce didn't like them till recently. Have carried them in my purse for 2 years and he never would use them. Now his brothers want one too when he goes low.

What do you use to treat lows?
Usually a 15g Juicy Juice. Sometimes a spoonful of honey or caramel. Gogurt. Smarties, starburst, fruit roll ups.

What does your child use to hold their pump/cgm?
He prefers using a simple pump pack (two actually...one for his cgm and one for his pump) but we also have a Tallygear Tummitote that he wears sometimes (he feels they are too bulky though...maybe cuz he fills the third pocket with smarties and plastic animals!!).


  1. Lovebug didn't like glucose tablets at first either, we used the Dex 4 Bites for a while until she got used to them. The bites are only 1g a piece so I would have to give them with something else, but sometimes they work great now when she just needs 4 or 5 carbs.

  2. I love that he fills the pocket with smarties and toys! Sweetpea is always doing stuff like that!