Thursday, November 4, 2010

just a drink to you, life saver to him

For those of you that don't live the D life, juice is not just something you drink when you are thirsty, it is a life saver for our sweet kiddos. When blood sugars go low, juice is the perfect way to bump them back into range FAST.
Rule of thumb is you want 15g of fast acting carbs to treat a low...Juicy Juice makes these awesome mini juice boxes with just that amount. Us D'rents, stock our houses, kid's classrooms, cars, bags, etc. with these little life savers.

And this week, Lora over at My Diabetic Child is giving away a bunch of these Juicy Juice boxes.
Get over there and check it out now!!


  1. It's funny that so many people think that our D kids can't have juice ever...yet it is a live safer!!