Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sounds of night



"zzzzzzzzz. huh?, oh"

STOMP, STOMp, STOmp, STomp, Stomp, stomp

CLICK, snap
chicka, pop, beep

stomp, stomp, stomp
whoosh, clunk
stomp, stomp, stomp

"Bryce, wake up"
slurp, slurp, slurp

stomp, stomP, stoMP, stOMP, sTOMP, STOMP

For those not familiar with those sounds of night time blood sugar checks...
it is the buzz of Dex (the continuous glucose monitor) 3 buzzes means LOW or dropping fast. I wake up my husband who gets out of bed and heads down the hall to check Bryce's blood sugars. The click of the test strip vial, the cocking of the lancet, and pricking of his finger, the beeps of the meter. I know Bryce is low when I hear footsteps going to the kitchen and the fridge being opened. He tries to wake Bryce up to drink juice or milk or something...Bryce doesn't really wake up but slurps and falls right back into bed. My hubby comes back to our room where he quickly falls back to sleep.


  1. Those sounds are all too familiar in my home. When it is Dave's turn to do the BG check at 2am...I can hear if Joe is low (the shake of the glucose tabs in the container as my husband grabs 2 or 3)...or if Joe is high (the beep of the pump after the bolus has been administered and the pump is then locked)...our nights have never been the same since Joe's diagnosis.

  2. All too familiar here too. My hubby says he can hear me through the baby monitor we use so we can hear Dexie since Lovebug sleeps upstairs and our bedroom is downstairs. He has also heard me swear at Dexie a time or two. Those rare occasion when Dexie has a mind of her own.

    Lovebug doesn't wake up either, she does the same thing Bryce does.

  3. This is great! I know those sounds all too well!