Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bryce has such an amazing imagination.  He will take things and use them in ways we would never think of.  For instance, this summer at the Farmer's Market he watched a lady wearing a mask make kettle corn in a big pot.  Later that week, he had a tupperware container over his face and was stirring up legos, 'popcorn', and selling them in cups.  Now his imaginative play usually involves diabetes management.  He makes 'metiters' (meters) out of empty gum blister packs and uses medicine syringes as the lancer to poke our fingers and check our blood sugars, and to give us insulin.  The other day, he asked me for some tape so he could make a glucagon (this is an injection to be used if his blood sugars were to go so low that he goes makes the liver release its store of sugars)  He was going to tape a straw "the needle" to a cup.  He told me how he will poke it in my leg and it will hurt but I won't feel it cuz I will be passed out (yeah, sounds right!)  Hopefully we will never really need to use the glucagon but it is funny how he knows so much about it.  One thing that I have heard is that kids with diabetes sound very mature for their age because they can talk the talk of diabetes but it doesn't mean they really understand it nor are ready to take on the responsibility of managing it on their own.  I can already see how that can be a problem as he already talks the talk!  His "playing diabetes" has really helped him with us taking care of him.  It is much easier to give him shots and pokes when he can "give" us one too.  

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