Saturday, December 6, 2008


We had no idea that our son could have diabetes.  No one in our family, our extended family, or even any friends we knew had it.  So when Bryce started wetting the bed (something he didn't even do while potty training), we thought something wasn't right.  We tried to limit his drinks at night but he was so thirsty he cried.  We then realized he was drinking so much milk and water all day long and running to the bathroom constantly.  I called the advice nurse thinking maybe he had a bladder infection or something.  The nurse wanted me to bring him in right away.  
With my crazy schedule, I brought him in the following afternoon to find out his glucose levels were in the 400s (normal is 70-200).  Bryce had diabetes.  I was devastated.  My poor little boy.  How could this happen to him?  How was our life going to be?  Needles, insulin, blood testing??? What exactly is diabetes anyways?  I was in tears and barely heard anything my dear pediatrician was saying to me.  I heard "Bryce has diabetes and you need to go to the children's hospital right away"  and all else was a blur.  I rushed to my oldest son's school and pulled him out of class then rushed downtown and picked my husband up from work and we all headed to the hospital.  
After what seems like hours waiting, we were brought to a room.  Why was there a bed there? I thought we were just going to be there for a couple hours at most to figure out what we were to do.  So when they told us we would be there for 3 days, I was in shock.  Halloween was two days away...the boys had parties to go to...trick or treating to do.  I wanted to just come back later and deal with this.  I hadn't packed a bag.  We were not prepared.  
While I was a wreck, Bryce was a trouper.  He was so brave while nurses drew blood, inserted the IV, gave him insulin, and drew more blood.  He just watched and didn't move.  It wasn't until the next day when they started teaching us how to check his blood sugar levels that it became much harder.  At this point, Bryce was done.  He cried "I've had enough!", "no more shots!", "why do you want to hurt little people?"  My heart broke...this wasn't something that was just going to last for a short time.  I couldn't say "just one more day or just 2 more shots"  I had to tell him "this is for the rest of your life"   And with that, more of my tears fell... 

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