Friday, August 26, 2011

Dumb IOB!!

Yesterday after playing at his friend's house, Bryce came home and was 40. Juice box and some apples, retest was 198 so I bolused him for the apples. About 10 mins later it was dinner time and he was down to 108. That is a 90 point drop in 10 mins!!! For dinner, Bryce ate a TON of pasta, I am sure we underbolused for all those carbs. A little over an hour later, he was 70!! The boys were having Drumstick ice cream cones. I entered the 37 carbs into his Ping and when it factored in his IOB (insulin on board) it told me to give him 0.00u !! I knew that was nuts and it would come back to bite us in the butt but I figured I would just bolus him later. Sure enough, at bedtime, he was 215 but according to his IOB, he still didn't need any more insulin. Of course when we tested him before we went to bed a couple hours later, he was up to 450!! The pasta and ice cream finally caught up (as we knew it would) Ugh!
Now if we had ignored the IOB and bolused him anyhow, we probably would have been fighting lows all night.
You just can't win with D!!


  1. Aw that stinks! I have had a hard time lately figuring out how much to give Ally when treating a low. In the past, we always went with a 15 carb juice box or 3-4 glucose tabs if she was 70 or lower. But now, it seems like that shoots her so high that I battle highs later. We have been playing around with it. CGM definitely helps me to make some of these calls. But many times I feel the same way - that I just can't win!

    Question...does your ping take IOB into consideration when you are bolusing for carbs? We are on MM and it only factors in IOB if there is a correction for a high. Just curious, didn't realize that it figured it differently.

  2. UGH! i totally hear you on this one! Sometimes I love the IOB part of it because it helps me with figuring out if she needs a little extra boost if we are going to the park or something and she still has a lot of IOB left. Other times though...UGH...that IOB figuring in and telling me a result of 0.00 bolus is needed drives me crazy!

  3. Days like that are sooooo frustrating!! Hugs.

  4. Yeah, I know. It would be awesome if the pump could actually sense things like activity and types of carbs in combo with fats and stuff!!!!

    Sometimes I have to override when I *KNOW* about a variable the pump doesn't -- like pasta and ice cream or the mile she ran at PE just before school got out....mommy's gut. You know. Trust it...chances are on your side that you'll be right :)