Friday, November 12, 2010

gone to Vegas...???

Last week, Joanne told us how Eileen (her daughter's continuous glucose monitor) decided to up and quit. I joked and said Eileen probably was going to elope with Dex (Bryce's cgm). Well this morning, Dex flashed us his giant exclamation mark with a crazy error code. Thanks man! Hope you and Eileen have a great relationship together! May your replacement be more reliable and trustworthy!

**Dexcom has Fedex'd a new one out that we should get tomorrow...ugh a day with bg 'pictures' and no 'movie'


  1. Oh man!! well congrats to Eileen and Dex, may their relationship bring them happiness, Unlike the mothers who are left without a working CGM for their children!!

    Hope your new one comes in soon!1

  2. Those two... May they live long and happy lives together.

    Seriously though... two in one week? Is there something in the air?

  3. That sucks...I hope "Dexter" doesn't join them for a threesome - LOL

  4. OMG! that is funny! Not that he died. I guess we can't joke about these things?!?!