Saturday, July 24, 2010

the start of a love/hate relationship

This week we started Bryce on his Dexcom continous glucose monitor (cgm)...

LOVE seeing his blood sugars graphed out

HATE that the receiver has to be within 5 ft of him to pick up the signal (especially since he often forgets to put it back in his pouch so it is often out of range)

LOVE seeing if he is raising or dropping fast (common) or just holding steady (rare)

HATE not being able to look back at actual bg #s at specific times (graph points not detailed)

LOVE not having to test him so often

HATE that it is another device on his small little body (and another thing to carry around)

LOVE that it alarms if he is going low (or high)

HATE that the receiver is not waterproof/water-resistant (it's summer-he's 5!! he LOVES water! and when he is playing in the water, that is when I want to see his bg#s the most)

LOVE that the sensor stays on for 7days -or more if you"trick" it ;-) but I am surprised it even made it 4 days with how much he plays in the water, that the adhesive is still sticking.

HATE that the numbers can be up to 40 pts off (we've noticed this especially after treating a low)


  1. Hey there! Saw you on Laura's blog. I have a 7 yo on OmniPod and DexCom. Good points above. It's a love/hate relationship. :)

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog. Rushed over to check yours out and cannot believe how much I totally agree with the love/hate relationship with DexCom. SO TRUE!!!

  3. As the summer wears on, I'm becoming more and more interested in a CGM. I love your assessment. Thanks for the insight!