Friday, July 23, 2010

Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde

We were at the library and no matter how many times I told my son to settle down, he kept running around like a mad man. Eventually the librarian came and told him that running is not allowed in the library. You know what he said to her? "I'm not even running full speed. I was barely jogging" No, this wasn't said with a sweet little voice and a smile. It was the grump face and huffy tone of voice. What a little sh**!
Earlier in the day, he left his favorite stuffed crocodile at my mom's house to "take a bath" He knew he wouldn't have "Claude" back until the next day, but he knew Claude was really dirty. After bedtime, he came in saying how much he missed Claude. We decided he could call Noni and see how Claude was doing. While on the phone, I over heard him tell her that "if Claude gets hungry, you can feed him some of those plastic fish in the playroom. Ok, tell him he can call me if he needs to talk to me." Awwwww, so cute!!!
I often wonder how my little boy can be such a sweetheart and at other moments be a complete monster. Most times, blood sugars are out of whack when we see that monster. Am I just making excuses for his bad behavior or does diabetes really have that big of a role?

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