Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Friday 4/29

Last week, on the true Good Friday, I didn't write my "Good Fridays" post. Well, I had finally gotten mostly over my cold, the sun came out, and we headed south to spend the holiday weekend with my in-laws. All good stuff!
Which brings me to this weeks "Good Fridays"(3 good things from the week non-D related)....

1) The sun was out all day on Saturday. It was gorgeous. My husband and his brother helped their dad install a zip line from the tree house 20 feet up to a tree 135 ft across the field. The kids had a blast "flying" through the air. (will post pics later)

We also let the one month old chicks out, they are very tame and love to be held by the boys.

2) What says "Spring" better than cherry blossoms? The neighborhood kids up in a cherry blossom tree!

3) SNACK is a chihuahua puppy that needed a new home where he could get lots of attention and playtime. As some of you may know, we have been on the quest for a "perfect dog" Well this little guy is really darn cute so with a little training, could be the perfect addition to our family. So far, we are having fun with him. (and I will probably lose tons of weight chasing him around when he grabs things he isn't supposed to...tissues, legos, foam blocks, cars, and my boys' pjs to name a few!)

When you have a chance, head over to Beta Buddies and wish the amazing Joe a super happy 8th birthday. Then go to The Princess and The Pump to wish SweetPea a happy D-versary (so glad she is doing ok after their scare this week!!) Both have some great stuff to giveaway -you can send it to me if you win ;-)

So what are your 3 good things from this week??


  1. Ok, I totally have to agree with you on the Cherry Blossoms. I used to live in DC, and that was my favorite time of year, by far, when the cherry blossoms in the city bloomed. They were a gift from the Japanese -- and they make the whole city beautiful. (And, I have great memories of baby chicks when I was little, too!)

  2. I think that is one of the things I miss the most being in flowering trees in the spring. Don't miss the pollen that comes with them, though!

  3. A zip line???? You are one fun family!!! I definetely want to see some pictures.

    The chickens are fabulous. Are you raising them for eggs or meat or just for fun?

    That puppy is one cute little package. I hope he works out for your adorable family.

  4. SNACK is ADORABLE!!! I hope ends up "fitting the bill". too on the cherry tree blossoms. I love them.

    And, thanks for the shout out to Joe's Birthday. I appreciate it! xoxo

  5. A zip line?! FUN!!!

    Snack is super cute. Love the name too. :)