Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Thanks and Good Friday 4/8

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who left such sweet comments on my last post. 7.9 is great (just not what I expected) I know that I am doing the best I can. No matter how frustrated I get, I will never give up. I tend to be very optimistic and not let D get me down. But sometimes, it just piles up and overflows. The tears come pouring down, a ranting post gets written, then the sun comes out and all is better again. :-)
I am so thankful for all of you who "get" what it feels like (and for those of you who try to understand and thankfully don't have to KNOW)
Just looking at Bryce, I know I am doing great at keep him healthy. He is the strongest, smartest, most active 6 year old I know! Nothing (especially D) is going to slow that boy down. In fact, he is the healthiest of my boys, go figure!

So today is Friday and time for my top three non-D things of the week:

1) the sun is may JUST be for today, but it is out and it makes me happy.

2) the boys don't have school today so they can be outside most of the day enjoying this little break in the crap weather.

3) we made the decision to not keep the dog we are fostering. I feel good about this decision and am looking forward to dropping her off tomorrow morning. I see less stress in my future (and less poop and pee on my carpets!)

So what are your 3 Good Friday things this week?


  1. Glad your feeling good on this fab Friday!!\
    Here's to a poop free weekend :)

  2. Funny that it took two tries to rule out the dog!
    And, I'm a little jealous of your weather break. Ours has been pretty bad all week!

  3. A "ranting post" is good for a D mama's soul! Get it out! There are lot of us out here in the DOC, listening, caring, understanding and offering support.

    So glad you're smiling today!

  4. YEAH!!! on the good weather. I have been craving warmer temps and sunshine and it looks like we are on our way!!! WoooHooo.

    (((HUGS))) about the last post. Rant/vent away. We all "get" it. xoxo

  5. you gotta get it all out sometimes!

  6. Yay for sunshine! It felt great and I thought of you and hoped that a little sunshine would help you feel better.<3