Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Fridays 4/15

This was a tough week cuz we ALL got sick. It started last Weds with Bryce, Thursday with Drew, Friday with Jaden, Saturday and Sunday for my hubby and I. Lots of coughing and snot. Yuck! We still aren't feeling well but we do what we got to do.

And now on to my Good Friday are the 3 top things (non-D related) of this week:

1) Saturday, we headed up north to a pond in Vancouver, WA for a kids' fishing event. We had never been fishing before so this was a new experience for us all. For a $5 registration fee, the boys got a tshirt and a fishing rod plus got to keep up to 2 fish that they caught. Well it took almost the whole hour they were given, but both Bryce and Jaden each caught a fish. They were so proud.

Jaden and his big catch

Bryce and his lil fish

2) Monday was my youngest son, Drew's 3rd birthday.
Because we weren't feeling well, we just had a small celebration for him. My in-laws and my mom came over for dinner and cake to celebrate with us. He requested hamburgers for dinner and the weather cooperated enough for my husband to be able to grill up some. His cake was a John Deere the one Granddaddy has. (I even colored the frosting using spinach!)

my sweet 3 year old! I can't believe how fast time baby is THREE!

Drew with his Super Frog birthday hat

blowing out candles on his Gator cake

3) So last but not least....I didn't have to clean up any pee or poop off my carpets, floors, bed, or couch. Since we returned that sweet dog, this week has been less stressful and more quiet. (granted some of the quiet may be due to my ears being plugged up from this cold!) I still want a dog for my boys but know that now is not the right time.

What are your 3 GOOD things from this week?? Remember, NO D! :-)


  1. Love the cake. They're always so much fun to make. We did a John Deere tractor for my oldest son's 3rd!

  2. AWWW...Happy Birthday to DREW!!! The cake looks wonderful.

    And...yay for no pee or poop from the dog that wasn't meant to be for your family. That had to have added a ton of stress Denise! UGH.

    Have a wonderful w/e.

  3. Happy birthday, Drew!!! FUN cake! I love that you colored the frosting with spinach! :)