Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nighttime Sneak Attack

For the past few months, Bryce has had a lot of anxiety before set and sensor changes making it a long drawn out process that only frustrates us both. A couple weeks ago, I had to do a set change in the middle of the night while he slept because of some highs that would just not come down. My husband and I were amazed at how easy and quick that was. And when he woke up, Bryce was excited to know he had a new set and never felt it. Is this the way to go?? Maybe?

Well this is about one nighttime sneak attack that may have changed the way we do things from now on....

Earlier this week, it was time for a Dex sensor change. We were getting great readings over the busy Christmas weekend so I just tricked it out and reset the sensor. So when we started getting triple arrows right before bed on the 3rd day (really day 10), I knew we needed to change it that night. So I waited till he was asleep. When I went in, he was laying on the wrong side from where I wanted to put the new sensor. I tried to roll him over to get access to his backside (which is the only place he will let us put his sets and sensors) but to no avail...he kept rolling onto his back or the other side. During one of his rolls, his arm was perfectly exposed. Should I do it? I have heard of great results from arm placements but he adamantly refuses to try. But he was asleep. Should I do it? After much debate with myself (and a little talk with the hubby) I decided to try. Those of you with Dex, know that insertion is no easy process to I was nervous he would wake up, freak out, and there would go an expensive sensor to waste. So I took my time. He moved a little when I rubbed the alcohol on the spot and placed the sensor's sticker. When I injected the sensor, he said "Ow, Mommy" but quickly fell back asleep. I quickly disconnected the injector, got the transmitter in, broke off the clip thing, and started up the sensor. When Bryce woke up in the morning, I told him I put in the new sensor, he said he knew that cuz he felt it. I asked him if he knew where it was and he said, "over here" and pointed to his backside. I asked "are you sure?" and he said "you better not have put it on my tummy!!" Told him to check. Decided to not say anything else. Later in the day, he discovered it was on his arm...he was NOT happy. That is, until my hubby told him it made him look like a robot. He LOVED that and thinks it is cool now, even wants to try his pump set on his other arm. And the best thing is, our readings have been more accurate!

Think we have a new way of doing things now...


  1. Great job! I have heard of some friends doing all of the site changes etc while their children sleep. The only bummer or downfall that they mentioned is if they have a site failure during the day their little ones were not down with the site change. But, I think they know it has to is just tough sometimes no matter.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  2. Way to go ! Justice loves arm sites and we get awesome #s too :)

  3. Elise has only once slept through a night time correction, I can't imagine her sleeping through a sensor change!

    We get AMAZING results with the sensor on her arm... hope it works for you guys too!