Friday, January 7, 2011

Endo visit to start the year

Today was Bryce's endo appointment...

A1c was up to 7.7 (last time 7.5)

While I am disappointed that we are going the wrong direction, we had issues with kinked cannulas, illnesses, and major growth spurts, not to mention plenty of holiday treats.

After looking over all our numbers, the doctor decided we didn't need to make any changes. That is always reassuring.

I asked about Apidra. Our endo has never tried it (he is type 1). He said the studies don't indicate a significant difference over Novolog/Humalog and there aren't many trials done in pumps. He only knows of one family in office that uses it. I told him about some experiences in the DOC of less spiking, said I wanted to try it. He was all for it and gave me a couple vials. I love that he is always up for whatever I suggest and willing to let us try something new.

Now to figure out WHEN we are going to try it. Should we start it with the next set change? Or do I wait till I have used up the bottle of Novolog we just opened last week?

Anyhow, this year I WILL be a better pancreas. I am DONE with those crazy highs. Maybe Apidra will be the answer, maybe not. Regardless, I will work my butt off to figure this out!


  1. You are a great pancreas and that is not bad at all! But I understand wanting lower not higher. We started Apidra 2 weeks ago and we love it. I see a difference. Not huge but significant. Good luck!

  2. AWESOME!!! You guys are ROCKING it over there :)

    So awesome that your endo is willing to let you guys experiment a little -- and MORE awesome that you have the confidence to do it!

    We can't waste a drop of insulin over here. We have enough Novolog for the next 3 months, so I wouldn't consider trying Apidra until our stash is gone.

  3. I too am gonna push to try it after Lorraine's post and yours...and Lexi's...I am game. I too am done with the wicked highs. I need to do more in the "pancreas" department.

  4. We have been using Apidra. Funny, our endo had the same exact comment. Some try but get frustrated and give up too early. It is a completely different insulin in that you will basal test, test our ICRs, sensitivity, etc. from scratch. Also don't quit too early, takes a few weeks for some bodies to get used to it. We like it much better. Apidra is more "front loaded" with the stronger part of the bolus initially. For us starts immediately (we don't prebolus) and 1 hour and ten minutes to 2 hours would be the peak, after which blood sugars still come down, depending. Sometimes, will still come down; sometimes will come down very little. Most of it is gone in 3 to 3.5 hours. No huge tail. We had a duration of 4.5 to 5 hours on Novolog so big improvement for us. Apidra is particularly powerful for corrections. Good luck!