Saturday, January 8, 2011

arm site

Decided to finish our bottle of Novolog before trying the Apidra we got from our endo yesterday. Since I am not liking what his numbers have been doing, I wanted to try something new so we put the set on his arm. He was NOT happy about this!! Bryce has only wanted us to use his bottom. Last week I snuck in at night and stuck his Dex sensor in his arm. He ended up being ok with that and wanted to try his arm for his set but ONLY if I did it while he slept. I couldn't wait today, he needed a set change and he needed it before lunch. So I pulled the "I'm the Mommy and I am doing what is best for you whether you like it or not" Well he didn't like it. He cried. Not cuz it hurt but cuz he was scared. I felt bad after.

I really hate diabetes!

I hate that he has a needle stuck in him at all times so he can survive. I hate that I have to stick it in him. I hate that he gets high numbers and doesn't get to eat when or what his brothers do, but has to wait "till the insulin kicks in" and his "numbers aren't so high" I hate that that makes him angry and he says things like "I hate having diabetes!" "why do I have to have diabetes?" "it's not fair!" I hate diabetes!

Ok, venting over. I was just going to post how we weren't trying the Apidra but were trying the arm and we'll see if that helps. Got a little side tracked! Oops :-)

Anyhoo, we will see how all goes this weekend.


  1. I hear you.

    When Joe is having a tough time he calls diabetes "A big fat diarrhea TURD". I don't mind his potty lingo when he needs to express that the big "D" kind of SUCKS THE BIG ONE.

    I cannot wait to hear on the Apidra!

  2. I have my son see a therapist on a regular basis so he has an opportunity to vent to someone who can help him find ways cope. I am just so thankful that he is the "easy" child.

  3. Poor kid. I know those days. We actually make Synsyre wait to eat if Justice has to. We do a protein feast till bg is ok. Worth a shot!

  4. We wait with Justin also. We don't say it... we just keep saying its "almost ready" :)

    I am curious about the Apidra also. I have some sitting in my fridge waiting for me to get the nerve... I am not a big fan of change.

  5. Don't feel bad - you did what was best for him and his safety. We push meals back too as a family - - - like Lora . . . 'almost ready . . . almost ready!'

    Sweet boy - give him a hug from Super Nate!!