Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Brother Bolus

We are very fortunate to share a backyard fence with Bryce's best friend.
In fact, a couple weeks ago, our dog knocked down one of the old boards creating a "secret passage" between our two yards. Usually 'the girls' come over to our yard (you know, easier to keep tabs on D that way) but sometimes my boys like to go over there.
Yesterday was one of those days. Bryce went over to play & my oldest was busy reading, so I took my youngest to store with me (my hubby works from home so I can take off like that)
When I got back, my husband told me that both boys were over at our neighbors and were having grilled cheese sandwiches....ok?
He said Jaden went to take care of Bryce....another, ok?
When I called the girls' mom, she put Jaden on the phone to tell me what happened...
He said he tested Bryce and "two pieces of bread was 29 carbs, so I bolused him for that. Then he had some grapes after, which are about 1 carb each, but I didn't bolus him for those cuz I figured he would just run them off anyhow"
I asked him how much insulin he gave him and he told me 1.95u (yep...his I:C is 1:15)
I was speechless. Not only did he bolus him correctly, but he factored in activity levels and let him have a handful of grapes for free!

Did I mention he is only 8 and a half !?!

And here is the best part of it all...Bryce came in to dinner at a perfect 83!

Right on Jaden! I don't think I could have played that better myself!

So proud!
What a great feeling for a Dmom to know that her son will be safe because his big brother gets it.


  1. Holy smokes... that is amazing! Can I borrow him?

  2. Great story! These moments are the silver lining for sure!

  3. Wow that is amazing! My son is turning 10, I think I need to get training him to take over d-care for my daughter! Just kidding....sort of.

  4. What an awesome D-bro!! Just shows what an awesome job you are doing that he's learned how to make sure Bryce is safe. :)

  5. Amazing! Superhero big brother right there!!

  6. AAAAAAmazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  7. Wow, that's incredible! So smart!

  8. Wow! That's awesome!!!! D sibs rocks!

  9. Wow! That is so amazing. What a huge blessing!