Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last week, My Sweetest Boy turned SIX years old!!!

In honor of this special occasion, we had a
ssssssSpecial ssssssSixth Birthday REPTILE party.

Bryce with his favorite stuffed albino crocodile, Claude, and his croc cupcake cake.

Making a wish (think it has to do with a cure? my wish does!)

We had a reptile lady come over with about 15 different reptiles to awe the kiddos. Bryce got wrapped up in a Woma Python to his utter delight.

the kids loved this....

Monitor Lizard

American Alligator

The kids even got to pet the alligator. Bryce was up first.

My youngest thought this was so cool!

This was only a small section of this snake....

It took ALL the kids to hold up this albino burmese python.

It was a great party (even better since bgs were AWESOME!)


  1. What a fun party!!! Happy birthday, Bryce!!

  2. LOVE the cup cake Gator... the real snakes... notsomuch!

    Happy Birthday Bryce!!

  3. An awesome party and good BG's? Success!!! Happy Birthday Dear Bryce!

  4. aww Happy Birthday!! It looks like the kids had a fantastic time! Love the cupcake cake too...very cool!

  5. What a cool party for a ssssSix year old!!!! Happy Birthday Bryce (a little late)!