Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fair trade?

Every day around 3:30p, my boys come bursting through the door, home from school. They are so excited to tell me about their day. Jackets, shoes, and backpacks go flying here and there.
The other day, Bryce came running in telling me about these charms that he got. Charms are these little plastic things used as incentives at his school. The kids get them for good behavior and doing good work in various subjects. I was excited to find out how he earned his charms. Bryce told me the story, "I didn't get them from school...Cole gave them to me. I gave him my Skittles since I don't like them much and he gave me these charms" Great!!! Trading his low treatments for charms! Wonder if this was a fair trade.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT trade for his friend...and I am laughing at him!!! Trading for the charms!

  2. Whoa boy! Clever fella you've got there...and I bet Cole's mom is wondering about that trade, too... :)